Here we are…again

It’s Friday night, one in the morning, and I can’t sleep. If you knew me you’d know how much of an anomaly this is. Every night my head hits the pillow and 60 seconds later I am OUT. I can sleep anywhere – planes, trains, boats, cars, buses, standing up on the subway – so this…this just doesn’t happen.

Then again we just found out on Wednesday at 3:03pm that our 4th cycle of IVF failed. By 3:30pm I had poured myself a glass of wine…and then proceeded to drink a bottle and a half in a *very* short period of time.(Again, if you knew me you’d know what an anomaly this is. I rarely drink and am a lightweight. Two glasses max and I am drunk.) Does the fact that I was using a very dainty 4oz vintage goblet help at all? Everyone knows that vintage goblets are classy. Ignore the fact that I was literally doing shots of wine. And ignore the fact that by 6pm I was passed out.

I woke yesterday morning feeling surprisingly okay, and then realized I was actually just still drunk…and then went to work (totally professional!) and, to loosely quote my lovely coworker, really pulled it off quite impressively. In fact my hangover didn’t actually hit until this morning.

So here we are. Hungover, insomniatic (is that a word?), semi-feeling like I am on a different planet. So what does one do in such a state? Clearly, the answer is start a blog.


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