Things I bought on eBay, while drunk, after my 4th failed cycle of IVF

These Doc Martens (the first step in a mid-life crisis is purchasing items you owned  during your youth. Next thing you know, I’ll be wearing a babydoll dress, knee socks, a flannel shirt, and a choker like I’m a 14-year-old on their way to Coachella).


This Anthropologie dress (which I returned in my hungover, post-shopping-binge state of guilt).


And this Anthropologie dress (I may actually keep this one).


These ankle boots (already wore them to work).


These earrings.


And these earrings (which I might return – but can you tell that I have a thing for intaglios/cameos?).


This Stormtrooper figurine for my son (Christmas shopping done early?).


And this jacket for my son (which I then returned because my husband called it, and I quote, “hideous.” It was all about the puffy sleeves for him. Whatever).


Just a note – if you’re ever drunk in the middle of the afternoon and need to simultaneously sob and shop online I highly recommend eBay. The discounted prices will slightly cut the guilt you’ll feel later, and it’s eBay so it’s almost not like shopping shopping, it’s like virtual thrift store shopping and therefore totally healthy and okay.

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