Egg retrieval round 6, here I come


As I write this I am literally sitting in the IVF wing waiting room in my super classy gown, drawstring pants, and robe (and don’t forget the socks with the nubby sticky bottoms!) waiting to do my 6th egg retrieval. SIXTH. Did you catch that? SIXTH FUCKING EGG RETRIEVAL. I can not stress enough how insane I think this is. Thank GOD it didn’t end up being scheduled for Halloween. Because if you think I would have missed out on the local Halloween parade and trick or treating, you’re cray cray. But I def would have been hobbling down the street all like,


I used to get nervous about retrievals. You know, the whole having a needle stabbed into my vagina to extract my eggs seemed kind of daunting. But now I’m just like,


And my plan for this afternoon is the same as it always is:



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