Fertility on Ice


It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so thought I’d get back to it. Our 6th retrieval actually went well. I don’t know how many eggs we had (I’ve stopped asking the nurse as soon as I come to – I’d prefer to have 24 hours of ignorant bliss and wait until I get “the call” the next day) but 10 fertilized! One ended up being abnormal and they felt it wasn’t worth freezing, but even 9 is amazing!! Combined with our previous retrieval we now have 11 little embryos frozen somewhere waiting for us. Which is surreal. We’ll wait until January to do a frozen transfer – my doctor wants all meds out of my system.

I’ve been feeling great actually. I think it’s the combination of having downtime from fertility treatments combined with the recent positive results combined with the possibility that we might still have a baby yet that has made me feel more myself.

So we wait, our fertility on ice. That phrase amuses me, like our little embryos are ice skating somewhere, with little winter hats and scarves. Like the characters in Peanuts. You gotta find amusement wherever you can!


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