Things I’ve Done for Fertility


Charted my temperature
Monitored my cervical mucus
Chinese herbs in pill form
Chinese herbs in (horrible) tea form
Saline sonograms & Hysterosalpinogram (HSG) test

Estrogen patches
Countless injectable drugs (Lupron, Gonal F, Menopur, Cetritide)
Progesterone suppositories
Progesterone injections
IUI cycles
IVF cycles
IVF cycles with ICSI
IVF cycle with a low dose protocol
IVF cycle with assisted embryo hatching
IVF cycle with endometrial co-culture
IVF cycles with acupuncture both immediately before and after the transfer
Therapy sessions
Hypnotherapy sessions
Hypnotherapy downloads
Prayer after climbing to the top of a Mayan temple dedicated to the goddess of fertility
Meditation podcasts
Mental visualization
Castor oil packs
Baking soda douches (as pleasant as it sounds)
Fish oil
Evening primrose oil
Baby aspirin
Pre-seed lubricant
Having mechanical sex on the exact right days in my cycle
Chinese medicine diet
Vegetarian diet
Paleo diet
High protein diet with preceisely 25% of my calories coming from protein
Full-fat dairy
No coffee
No caffeine
No sugar
No alcohol
No refined carbs
No carbs
No exercise
Some exercise
“Letting go and not thinking about it”
Thinking about it constantly

5 thoughts on “Things I’ve Done for Fertility

  1. I’ll add “warm foods diet and fuzzy socks in 90 degree weather, 5 rounds of donor egg IVF that they said had 80% chance of success and none, miscarriage, 5 abdominal/fertility massages (two that were a wee bit awkward), and an ERA biopsy” 🙂

    In all seriousness though, have you had the ERA (endometrial receptivity assay) biopsy? I finally heard about it after 5 cycles and got one last month and it came out saying my transfers had all happened a day early (on the standard 5 days of progesterone, with the test saying my window of implantation is at 6 days) – once I read that 20-25% of women are having embryo transfers on the wrong day, I immediately demanded my doctor get the kit from Igenomix and do it. So we’re going for our 6th and final transfer on 4/14 hoping that’s what the problem has been, doing an extra PIO booty shot.

    The biopsy sucks just like an endo scratch, but seeing Upside of IF (blogger)’s success after so many fails finally work for her, and a bunch of others (plus this on NBC News a couple weeks ago –, I’m trying to remain hopeful as it’s our last try.

    Oh and you’ll love this – we and a bunch of other infertiles went to an adoption training this past week and an adoptive parent speaker brought in her baby to sit on her lap during the entire thing – not to mention had the nerve to say “I’ve never struggled infertility but I can understand how hard that might be”. Hahaaaaaaaa. Ugh. Trigger trigger trigger!

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    1. Thanks so much for the info about the ERA biopsy. Shockingly, I don’t think I’ve had it! I’m going to ask my doctor about it.

      And honestly, enough with bringing babies to any place where people are TRYING to have babies!

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      1. Sadly a lot of people haven’t had the ERA, because there is a contingent of doctors who still consider it experimental even though it’s been proven to improve IVF success rates ( mine didn’t bring it up to me, I actually heard about it from another blogger and then started researching it and insisted my doctor do it, so he went along with it because it was literally no skin off his back – basically he ordered the kit from Igenomix and then charged me for an office visit along with their fee for the ERA, as all he does is mail the biopsy tissue to them and they send him the results. Wishing you the best!

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