Transfer #5, here we come


Today’s the big day – our 5th transfer, this time a frozen embryo transfer. As I write this I am waiting for the call from the doctor’s office confirming that we’re doing day 3 (today) versus day 5 (Friday – which is unlikely. We’ve always done day 3 because according to my doctor my embryos dislike the petri dish, which apparently is a whole thing and has nothing to do with quality. So what, they’re like classy? Looking around that petri dish all like, meh. Side note, I’ve noticed that I have a pavlovian response to my phone vibrating when I’m waiting for the doctor or nurse to call wherein dread floods my system, like my body is primed for more bad news).

I am trying not to be nervous, but of course I’m nervous as all get out. I HATE the two week wait. While all the other pre-retrieval and/or transfer shit is awful you at least feel proactive. During the two week wait you’re just…waiting.

But I’ve got my check list for today, which includes:

  • No work (thank you sick days)
  • Light exercise to get the blood flowing and relieve stress (done)
  • Pre-transfer acupuncture (done)
  • Hypnotherapy downloads on my phone to listen to while I lay there directly after the transfer
  • Post-transfer acupuncture appointment
  • Pineapple waiting to be cut up so I can eat that frickin core
  • Bone broth, to be purchased later by my lovely husband
  • Loads of funny Netflix shows (and yes I may or may not have been rewatching Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 15 “Christopher Returns” this morning)

Here’s to one those little fuckers getting their shit together and actually implanting in my “perfect” uterine lining. Sorry guys, I had to brag about my uterine lining because when do you ever hear “perfect” in this infertility game?


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