I’m a 38-year-old writer, book lover, and yoga enthusiast living in NYC. I love to travel, enjoy drinking lots of coffee, and am a fan of Six Feet Under, Twin Peaks, and Gilmore Girls.

Oh wait, that’s not what you were interested in hearing about?

Fine. I have egg quality issues, if you must know. It took me 2.5+ years, 1 miscarriage, and several rounds of IUI to finally conceive my son when I was 33 (I feel lucky literally every day that we won the lotto and have him). We are now trying for baby #2 and are 7 IUIs, 6 IVFs, 4 more IUIs, 3+ years, and 1 ectopic pregnancy in. Never thought I’d type that sentence, then again that sort of sums up this infertility bullshit, doesn’t it?

And yes, I’m a fan of The Cure.